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Event Time and Date

Tuesday, April 25 2017, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Student Senate College-Wide (or "General Assembly") meetings are held bi-weekly during the academic year and are open to the campus community. These meetings serve as a forum for sharing information and expressing student concerns. All Senate-funded clubs and organizations, including residence hall councils, are expected to send a representative to each meeting and submit a written report. A portion of each club's annual budget is withheld and later distributed based upon the organization's attendance and participation (see Incentive Point system information below).  

Incentive Points: Senate's Incentive Point system is intended to encourage organization participation in events or initiatives which are deemed to be important to the mission of Student Senate and/or the College. There are two types of incentive points which organizations can earn: Column A and Column B incentive points. Ten percent (10%) of each funded club's total budget is held in reserve for both the Fall and Spring semesters. These reserves are distributed each semester based on the percentage of Column A points the club has earned during the previous period. For example, Senate-funded organizations are awarded 2 points each time their representative attends General Assembly meetings and an addition point for submitting a report. Participation in Column B activities is optional and does not impact the how much money an organization is awarded from its incentive point reserve. However, Column B point accumulation may be weighed when Student Senate is considering special funding requests during the current year and budget requests for the following year. The full incentive point policy, current list of incentive point events and points awarded can be found on the Student Senate's Documents page. 

Central Dining Hall - Allegany Room

Event Category:

Student Governance