Fundraising Form

Any student group seeking to engage in fundraising activities must complete this fundraising form/permit. This application must be approved a minimum of three working days in advance to the start of the event. In addition, the following procedures are applicable: 
  • A full, unalterable description of the sale plan 
  • The maximum duration of any sale will be two weeks
  • Door-to-door solicitation in residence halls is prohibited 
  • Advertising must be consistent with campus policy for event promotion
  • Sales that compete with ACES venue must be scheduled in cooperation with ACES personnel
  • Sales prior to approval are subject to immediate disapproval and proceeds seizure 
  • A full accounting of sales will be made available, on-demand, at the request of College Personnel 
Today's Date (MM/DD/YYYY)
Student or Organization filing for Fundraiser 
Contact Person's Name
Contact Person's Email 
Contact Person's Phone Number 
Faculty Advisor

Faculty Advisor Telephone (xxx)xxx-xxxx
When was your last fundraiser? (or put "none" if never) 
How much money did you raise for your last fundraiser? 
How many hours were spent running the previous fundraiser? 
How much money was spent to host your last fundraiser?
What organizations benefited from the previous fundraiser? 
What was done for the fundraiser? (tabling, special event, etc.)
What are you proposing to do for this fundraiser? 
First Day of Sale (MM/DD/YYYY)
Last Day of Sale (MM/DD/YYYY)
Proposed Sale Venue(s)
If CDH, approval by ACES subject to availability 
Detailed description of items or services being sold: 
Who does the fundraiser benefit? 
Name of the organization/agency you are raising funds for 
There can be more than one!

                                                  State Policy on Fundraising:


            StateUniversity Board of Trustees

            Policy 66-156


“Resolved:  That no authorization be given to private enterprises to operate on StateUniversity campuses or in facilities furnished by the University. . . This resolution shall not be deemed to apply to Faculty-Student Corporations or to activities approved by the University.”


Campus Policy and Administrative Information:


  1. Only Alfred State academic or college-wide clubs and organizations duly recognized as officially-approved campus activities or organizations will be permitted to conduct fund raising activities and/or sales on the campus as reflected in the State University policy above.  The approval for such activity “. . . approved by the University” refers to the Office of Student Engagement.  No sale by individuals for personal gain will be allowed.  All fund raising events must be registered at the Office of Student Activities and Orientation.
  2. Fund raising activities include: meal give-a-away, donations, selling of goods, products, services or any imaginative endeavor where students end up paying money.
  3. No food items prepared for consumption and/or sale may be sold.  Only food items supplied by professional vendors and when possible should be previously wrapped by the manufacturing agency.
  4. Door-to-door solicitation in campus residential facilities is specifically prohibited.
  5. Fundraisers to benefit specific individuals must be in compliance with campus beneficial fundraising HIPAA policies. A copy of that policy is available from the Office of Residential Life.
  6. No essential school supplies will be sold or other items deemed in direct competition with supplies already being sold at the Campus Bookstore.
  7. The Sr. Director for Student Engagement or designee will approve or deny requests for fund raising activities.
  8. No fund raising activities can take place without an approved permit, which can be obtained at the Office of Student Engagement.  This permit gives you official right to sell on campus and official use of designated selling areas.
  9. Designated areas and times have been set up for your convenience and for better control of operations.  Areas, times, etc., will be explained to you when you come in to receive your permit.  Failure to have the permit or failure to be in designated areas will result in removal from the premises and cancellation of project.  There is a designated area in every building on campus, except the academic buildings.  Designated areas in residence halls are to be used in such facilities—no door-to-door sales will be allowed.
  10. Organizations that improperly exercise the responsibilities of campus fundraising endeavors may be suspended from further activities for a period of time at the discretion of the Sr. Director for Student Engagement


Questions?  Contact Student Engagement at 607-587-4075.

Office of Student Engagement
Policies & Procedures
Raffles & 50-50 Drawings

Policy:  Consistent with SUNY policy, raffles and 50-50 drawings are allowable on the campus, according to the following stipulations and criteria.

  • New York law includes raffles as an authorized game of chance. SUNY policy indicates that student organizations may conduct raffles, “if the municipality in which the group is located allows raffles.
    • Therefore, tickets may be sold only in the villages of Alfred and Wellsville and the city of Hornell
      • Ticket sales to friends and family outside of the Village of Alfred will be construed as being sold in Alfred.
      • Students wishing to sell tickets elsewhere must provide proof of authority from the municipality where the ticket is sold. Tickets sold in the absence of that authority will be refunded and proceeds will be returned to the purchaser at the club or organization’s expense.
  • Only those student organizations that operate, “without profit to members,” may conduct raffles. By definition, this includes all student organizations. As a matter of clarification, members may not personally profit from the raffle-related sales in any way.
  • Raffles can occur as often as the group wishes, but Alfred State will permit only one raffle to occur at any given time. All raffles will be registered with the Office of Student Engagement and will be managed as outline in procedures. The Office of Student Engagement will issue a raffle permit that must be available on-demand to any purchaser or College Official who requests to review it.
  • For any item or items raffled, the sponsoring organization must show proof of the ability to fund the purchase fully, before the raffle is approved. This will eliminate the cancellation of raffles due to insufficient ticket sales.
  • By New York State law, no single prize may exceed $50,000. Net proceeds to the organization from any single raffle may not exceed $4,999 and aggregate organization proceeds from multiple raffles may not exceed $19,999 in any calendar year.
  • By New York State law, the only applicable date and time restrictions are that no sales or drawings of raffles or 50-50 drawings may occur on Sundays or Christmas Day.
  • By New York State law, no one under 18 years of age may participate, operate, or assist in any raffle.
  • Tickets should bear an identical, consecutively printed serial number to be used to verify the winning ticket. Groups should not sell tickets from different “ticket wheels” if such wheels are not consecutive. Tickets available from the Office of Student Engagement are the only acceptable ticket stock for any campus-based raffle of 50-50 drawing.
  • Damaged, marked, or “dog-eared” tickets will be replaced with all purchaser information and the original ticket number transferred prior to drawings. Duplicate ticket stock for this purpose is available from the Office of Student Engagement.
  • The sponsoring group must designate not less than four bona fide members of the organization who will be in charge of and have primarily responsibility for the management of the raffle. Those individuals will ensure appropriate communications with the Office of Student Engagement to address any questions or procedural issues that may arise.
  • Anyone participating in the management, sales, or conduct of the raffle may not participate as a player.
  • Raffles are exempt from the requirement that tickets be sold at a uniform price (i.e. $1 for 1 ticket, $2 for 3 tickets) if that information is available prior to the start of sale.
  • Groups may advertise raffles by any number of means, including flyers, campus media, electronic means, and posters.
  • It is unlawful to restrict entrance to a raffle unless prior written consent is granted by the Office of Student Engagement, but the group may charge admission to the event at which the raffle takes place, or may sell tickets at an event where another group is charging admission.
  • A group may not transport patrons to or from an event where a raffle is conducted without prior permission of the authorizing administrative office.
  • Alcohol may not be part of any prize associated with the raffle.
  • Groups are required to engage in appropriate financial reporting and record-keeping consistent with the requirements of local, state, or federal law or rules regarding the receipt or expenditure of monies.
  • All proceeds must be used for lawful expenditures. Service and fraternal groups may use raised funds to supplement operating expenditures. However at least one-third of the raised money must be devoted to one of the enumerated worthy causes.
  • In the event of apparent or proven misconduct in the administration of any raffle or 50-50 drawing, the Office of Student Engagement is empowered to declare the event null and void and to require reimbursement of all ticket sales to all buyers at the sponsoring organization’s expense.
  • Failure to accede to these stipulations may result in sanctions of raffle organizers and club officers for Failure to Comply under the Alfred State Student Conduct Code.


  • Questions should be referred to the Director of Student Engagement or designee at
  • Fill out a Fund raising permit, located onPioneerLink.